1. E

    SkyLegends 2 idea Infinity stones

    Please provide your minecraft name Your Minecraft Name:Everlasting_Hope Tell us what modpack you're talking about for your suggestion Modpack name:Sky Legends 2 i would like the tesseract/space stone to be added to the in game ./shop because the chance of getting this in a skyblock map is...
  2. ammefoam

    Lads, how about we add chunkloader simple into skylegends 2?

    Your Minecraft Name: ammefoam Modpack name: SkyLegends 2 Link: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/chunkloader-simple Suggestion: Lads, let's talk about skylegends 2 for a moment. its a great alternative to other modded skyblocks with the benefit of having its own server...