1. Poppy_Cat_II

    My Claim Was Somehow Stolen

    Hello! I have recently been experiencing a strange thing on ModdedNetwork 2.2, Survival Server 1. I claimed my house, and last night, someone called 'morganb2004' somehow stole my claim. Now this is very annoying as I do not want to experience theft, as he already griefed and raided parts of my...
  2. S

    bryce_will is stealing everything i have plz help!!

    so I gave him some stuff and then he /sethome and started raiding my tardis of course he had superheroe armor so I couldn't kill him plz help and ban him I'm so worried he stoled alot
  3. J

    Stole from my chest

    Somehow Enderkiller53 was able to access my chest and stole everything when I had a friend tpa to me. my friend must have tp'd him to my island.