1. Tyr3lle___

    Survival Server 1 Problems.

    In the Survival Server #1 it seems to have been really glitched these few days. I joined the server a few days ago and I have already noticed a lot of problems including items like Moljinor,Chicken Chest (A few hours ago I received a chicken chest from a player and I was in the over world as I...
  2. I

    Important Unable To Join Survival 1 And Survival 2 Keep Crashing Help!!!

    So First I Am Playing In Survival 1 Then It Always Crash And I Can't play in survival 1 anymore so i start playing survival 2 and it was fun but something happen when i fly around i saw 3 queen and 3 king so i keep walking and i crash.Then I Try Oppening Again and it keep Crashing so I Am...