Important 2018 Annual Updates


Former Staff

ModdedNetwork Update
January - June

1. Discord

Awhile back we created a discord server to help with communications amongst players and staff. Slowly, this became a more permanent way of communication for staff, players, and other people. Therefore, we want to make sure it is well known throughout the network, to join the discord please click on the discord logo below.

2. Modpack Bug’s
A lot of our new, and old, modpacks have had a few bugs on the servers, causing the server to have issues and crash. These bugs and glitches have been recently fixed by @runescapejon. We do understand that there will be more bugs in the future, therefore, our discord server has a #bug-report channel where you can report any bugs you come across.

3. Player Help & Support
We do understand that players need help & support and we want to be able to serve them as fast as possible, therefore we also have a #help channel in discord. We had this under testing last year and are fully implementing it as staff have been trained to check more often there. (The forums will still be open to those who need it, but it is preferred to come on discord for faster support.)

4. Build Updates
We did abandon the build team due to no regular use for the team, but we did make a few updates. The hub has been updated a little bit to newer blocks from 1.12 version (HINT HINT!) Along with fun cosmetics, PvP, and DJ! (More to come soon stay tuned!

5. New Modpacks

For an entire list of all Modpacks we have released please visit the URL above (
As we push more modpacks and Modpack Updates out we will have them first posted in our Discord server and the forums.

- Cyclops29

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