Bug in skylegends 2.0 inf money.


**I am currently running**
- Modpack Name: Modded network skylegends 2.0
- Java version: 1.12.2
- Operating System: Windows

You open the sell section and have the platinum pic (most expensive item $50) and then in ur inventory not shop u middle-click item constantly and it continuously sells the same item thinking that u have an inf amount autoclicker broken, afk with this and u will come back with an insane amount of money. Ok in basic words, OPEN SHOP GO TO SELL AND SELL TOOLS THEN KEEP MIDDLECLICKING THE ITEM U WANT TO SELL FROM UR INVENTORY NOT THE SELL INVENTORY AND IT KEEPS SELLING IT THINKING YOU HAVE AN INFINITE AMOUNT.


Staff member
Thank you for the bug report and this bug it's already fixed in the huge shop rework update that is coming to all 1.12.2. servers.