Approved Buying/Selling via the Community Market


Staff member
This will be how you can buy and sell items in the Newly created shop
Note this is for (1.12.2 servers only IE: Not Crazy Craft)

First off let's start off with the command you need to run.

1) Run /shop
2) Select Market (Community Market)
3) Press "E" to filter offers
This will show all items listed for sale, now let's start on the selling part

To sell items starting from step "3" on the top right corner select "Selling"

In this example here it shows my items in my inventory it will be different depending on the items and money (coins) in your inventory/account.

1) Double click the item you want to "Sell"
2) on the left side of the screen enter the amount of the item you want to sell, the unit price (the price for an item if applicable), and the total price
3) when you are done press "E" to create the offer, and then "R" to confirm and "X" to cancel

When you are done your item will be publicly available on the shop for players to view
Happy Trading :)