What is step2.ogg? I go to that file and there is no ogg file. Where would I go about to get the .ogg file to run the modpack. (This happens with all ModdedNetwork Mod Packs on the launcher).
it must of just been a missing file, but its here, but now, i can't load 2.3. it either freezes when loading or it just crashes while loading.


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Then provide logs

We need your unmodified Technic launcher log file in order to further help you.:
video Instructions:

1.) Start the Technic launcher
2.) Click on the button in the very top right of the launcher called launcher options
3.) A window should appear
4.) Click on the button in the bottom left corner called open logs
5.) Find the log file dated for today(techniclauncher_YYYY-MM-DD.log). NOT the log file from yesterday, the week before or last month!
6.) Upload the logs below text box gif demonstration: https://gyazo.com/ff518c682d54523f49ca43fe4eb5ed6e


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Please do this
1. Close Technic Launcher
2. Delete logs
3. Start Technic Laucher
4. Load modpack
5. Wait for crash or problem that you are having
6. Upload the log


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You're running a 32bit Java version on a 64bit Operating This will prevent you from allocating more than 1GB of ram to the Technic launcher. In order to update to Java 8 64-Bit, please follow these instructions:
1.) Close the Technic launcher. It should not be running!
2.) Open http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp in your web browser
3.) Download the version that has 64-bit in it for you operating system. If you're using Windows download the one that says Windows Offline (64-Bit).
4.) After the download is complete. You must install it. You can do so by double clicking on the icon to run it.
5.) After it installs start up the Technic launcher again.
6.) Click on Launcher Options in the top right of the screen.
7.) Click on the tab called Java Settings
8.) Click on the dropdown called Minecraft Java Version and select the option that says 1.8_151 64-Bit.
9.) Click the dropdown called Memory and select an option that's between 2 GB and 4 GB. Do not select an option higher than 4 GB!