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Suggestion: Now that we can't get legendary pokemon from vote parties, I think that the natural legendary spawnrate should be increased to something closer to the original pixelmon spawnrate. With the spawnrate we had even when it was increased i only ever saw 2 or 3 messages of legendaries spawning since the reset. With spawnrates that low it discouraged people from looking for the legendaries they wanted by waiting for them to spawn, and instead made waiting for a vote party and hoping someone gets the legendary you want so you can trade. With an increase in the spawnrates of legendary pokemon it would make actually hunting for them something people will want to do instead of just an annoying thing you have to do to actually get what you want. No one enjoys sitting afk in one place checking the chat every few minutes to see if the legendary pokemon they wanted spawns. I dont know what the current legendary pokemon spawnrate is but it needs to be increased.

Next Suggestion: With the huge nerf to legend crate keys I think some other changes need to be made with them. Lower the cooldown for kit legendkey to 23 days instead of 30 days. This is a week shorter and you still have a chance of getting a random shiny pokemon. For comparison the shiny key kit's cooldown is 14 days.
Another idea is to add a random legendary pokemon to wondertrade every week so that people can wondertrade for the chance to get it.


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Update on this
- Legendary spawn rate has been increase to 0.3 instead of 0.1 with possible chance on within the third hour. Also, going to have boosters to help cut the time to allow legendary to spawn quickly then 3 hours. Furthermore going to have a range variety of boosters. This come in with new crates these are purely cosmetic crates. Regarding of legendary crate I'm going to just keep it this way 30 is good enough but the actual legendary crate it's self i was considering reworking and doing something better that does not effect gameplay between non-donators and donators.