Important Crazy Updates!


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Hello, CrazyCrafters! These last 2 weeks we have had a lot of updates! @runescapejon has been working hard on these updates for you guys! So be sure to thank him!
Let's take a look at out recent updates and changes!

New Modpack!
That's right guys! We have created a brand new Modpack for you guys! ModdedNetwork Madness. Here is a brief explanation. So back in June, 2016 ModdedNetwork Engineers was made public to everyone! It was designed with 67 mods, custom plugins/content and the best thing about it was it was designed to be a challenging Modpack! Soon the server was a popular hit on the technic launcher and players loved the server! They loved all the gameplay, all the content, the community and everything! So we thought to ourselves instead of us creating another modpack like ModdedNetwork 2.5 let's create another sever like engineers but add most of the suggestions the community (You guys) were requesting! After a long time we are proud to announce that we have a new series! ModdedNetwork Madness!!! Yup the name says it all! This modpack is the most craziest most amazing and one of most challenging modpacks created! Now, hold your breath because things are gonna get even more crazier! We have added 154 selected mods for amazing gameplay, and meeting our goals of adding mods the community wants!! So now enough of me talking, check it out yourself!
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Please keep in mind that you will experience nasty bugs. We are working as hard as we can to fix them.
Our second update:
Rule Update

After giving this a major thought, we are removing the rule of no swearing! Yet these factors apply and staff have every right to take action upon this! - Swearing against a player! (Disrespect) - Swearing at a religion or belief (Disrespect) Please keep in mind with the rule of swearing now removed, you can swear every now and then. But DO NOT swear every second. Once in a while is ok but "Spam swearing" is not ok and very annoying to players. That's the end of all updates for now! If you have any questions or concerns please comment below and we can help you!

- ModdedNetwork Staff team!


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Modded Network Madness,
`Witchery mod` - it is re-enable for the server we also unbanned some poppets and taglocks, we have made a patch with this so you cannot taglock others but you can taglock yourself

`how do i taglock myself?`
well you sleep on a bed then you rightclick a tagclick

`what are the banned poppets`
`Voodoo poppets`
`Vampiric poppet`