I can't join any of da servers

Hi, sorry to be bothering you but I can't join any of the servers. Everytime I go to join it says something about a proxy but I looked up ways to fix it but nothings worked and I checked with someone else and they said I was not banned. Got any help?
Dude thanks so much but one last thing its ok if u can't but I apparantly have been banned from the discord server aswell my names Techno on discord all good if ya can't just message me back :)
Mine-craft Name:TechnoMainia

What modpack/Server did you get banned/muted from?I got banned from discord

Why were you banned or Muted:I was banned I think for spamming, but I was spamming because a mod was taking away my message saying that the server wasn't coming back up and he never told me to stop and then I got banned.

Who banned/Muted you:I'm sorry I don"t know I havn't filed an appeal when i was banned. I waited a year so that I could try to think of why he banned me but I couldn't understand why.I might be able to tell u if I was reinvited.

How long:For over a year I'm pretty sure

Why should we unban you? I can't really say u guys should it's your own opinion if you should ,but I think u guys should unban me because I don't think I done anything that bad but I will keep in mind not to spam even if it is for a good reason. Anways I would like to be reinvited because I would like to keep up to date with all the news and I would like to be able to talk with fellow players

but thanks anyways keep up the good work and if u guys do decide to unban me pls invite me back to the discord and message that I have been unbanned,THANKS!!!
- ModdedNetwork Community