Just Wanna Compliment


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Apr 25, 2015
I made this because I would like to compliment all the staff and give some recodnision to some of the staff here that have been working hard to help the server and help with 2.3

Luffy- Thank you you've done a great job here as staff and doing a lot of work while im at school much thanked

Raging- Done a lot of work for 2.2 auctions and even working on and helper the 2.3 shop during beta

Tyecus- Really Great Staff Member Helping contributing helping with 2.3 and doing an amazing job moderating on the servers and problem solving and coming up with great ideas for the server

cooljaxxs- One of the best admins I know lots of work on 2.2 moderating and helping out a bunch in 2.3 deserves some credit

Bows- been a great admin also worked alot with me on and 2.3 and making a mods list (with convoy) working great

Rune- Amazing server owner diffently deservers a thanks with out him there would be no moddednetwork at all (and killa and brock)

Just Wanted To Make this to all the staff who have been working hard (All Staff Have Been Working Hard) and contributed alot and give them that little recednison they deserve (Sorry If I Miss Spelled :D)
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Nov 7, 2018
Hello its been 3 years i look back on post like this and it fills me with regret