Lads, how about we add chunkloader simple into skylegends 2?

Sep 4, 2018
Your Minecraft Name: ammefoam

Modpack name: SkyLegends 2


Suggestion: Lads, let's talk about skylegends 2 for a moment. its a great alternative to other modded skyblocks with the benefit of having its own server, relieving us from the hassle of making our own. its a greatly crafted modpack overall, and has more purpose behind it compared to other modpacks.

but there is one glaring issue.

chunks not being loaded unless the player is there is one of the most frustrating things someone in skylegends can deal with.
so I propose this
add chunkloader simple to fix all our anti-automation problems!

now the first problem this might cause is lag, but I can confirm this isn't the case. A bug in the mod makes it so that the chunks don't get loaded on a server restart until a player goes into the chunk of said chunk loader. which will reduce the possibility of abusing the block.

skylegends 2 gives you a variety of ways to automate almost every type of task, yet they aren't fully automated at the same time since you need to physically be there.