Lost Rank


Minecraft Ingame Name: WeGotBoom

What Rank Did You Lose: I can't remember the exact rank but I believe it was God

How Long Ago Was It: Uh, I mean this was maybe one? two? years ago.

Transaction ID: (Optional It Would Help) I'm sorry I have no idea how to find it, but I believe maybe if you search my name, you could find out which exact rank I bought and when?

Did Anyone Else Pay for your Rank: (If Some Friend Payed for it) I paid for the rank

Edit: I mean I guess what could help is that I remember with my rank I had /jump or something like it allowed me to teleport to where ever I was looking at


Staff member
You purchased Lord (former name was madman) and Platinum these ranks will are being resend to you just wait up to 5 minutes once your online.