mods suggestions for 2.4

Jan 10, 2017
(i am remaking my post with more mods and cause i didn't put what modpack it was for.)
sense there are Me drives, extra utilities, and magical i recommend you add these two mods the mods are ender storage with ender storage you can have ender chests set in to put stuff in your me system to send resources from your ender quarry straight to the me system plus for your farm you can combine the ender chest with the Farming station to have an auto farm. ender IO, big reactors can supply more power for your me system and other powered items,
Thermal expansion puts more stuff in for powering our bases and making other stuff.
magical crops:armory, so you can make armor from magical crops.
MineFactory Reloaded it will allow you to make energy drills to get resources.
Mekanism cause it has stuff to mine with and other uses.
i would like if you put decocraft cause then you can put furnature in your house.
and twilight forest cause there will be alot more food and weapons added and new mobs and a new dimension.
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