Updated New Server


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New server has been open up to the public its tekkit classic server we offer no banned items custom patches and also no rank restricted items ip is Tekkit.moddednetwork.com come and join us!
in other updates Prison will be coming to Modded Network 2.3 as it was requested by many of you guys <3 and new update for the modded network 2.3 is coming soon to just generally bugfixes

Thanks you


Wonderful server one suggestion though there is a lot of block lag i have all my settings on the fastest they can be im not the only one experiencing this either. Just a check is a good idea love it though.:p:p:p


you should make a server on the modpack Voltz its an old fave of mine and i think if you did the ranks should be the same as on crazycraft all the way up to madman it kinda suits the modpack