rocket launcher causing crashes


**I am currently running**
- Modpack Name: psycho-craft
- Java version: 1.12.2
- Operating System: 64bit

Please include as much information as possible. For the description, assume we have no idea how
mods work, be as detailed as possible and include a step by step reproduction.
**Issue Description**

1. get an AT4 from the Flans mod.
2. Load it with an AT4 Rocket.
3. Shoot it into someones face (do not leave the brain intact...).
4. The player who got hit will suddenly either die and when they click respawn they will see a red screen and cant do anything but close the game(when not in god mode)...
OR if they are in god mode they will see instant red screen and cant do anything but close the game.

Please provide a *full* log (and crash-report if applicable).
Go to and upload them there, then paste the resulting link here!


its in the pastebin, idk why but either thats the one i got from it, or i didnt get a crash report... if needed i can help testing it.