Important Rules Update


Former Staff
Hello Crazycrafters,

It has come to our attention that our rules are very plain and general, and many of you guys do not understand them. Therefore Runscapejon and myself decided to re-create and re-explain these rules. These rules have already taken effect five hours ago! So you maybe wondering, what exactly have we changed in the rules? Well it's really simple, we have revised the old rules and simply explained them. No rules have been removed and not very much added, do remember we don't like to put these rules here for fun! These rules are here to keep our community balanced, along with creating a friendly environment where you guys can have fun!

Please re-read the rules which can be found on the wiki or CLICK ME!

Should there be any further questions or concern's comment below, and a staff member or myself will be glad to take care and resolve the question or concern you may have.


Also due to recent staff issues, staff rules will be made public soon after review and uploaded. More information regarding why, and what will be released accordingly.