Rune Tablet Thaumcraft Suggestion

Jul 26, 2017
So yesterday i dedicated my day to haunting down the elusive rune tablet in the eldritch dimension. so i defeated one maze n didnt get a tablet so i thought maybe a monster picked it up. i decided to open a different eldritch dimension portal and it was the same. after researching i found that the servers clear lag function deletes the items so you will never b able to face the boss.

-Capstone Room-
''This is a key room for the maze. It contains a capstone with Runed Tablet on it. This room has also some rare Ancient Rock blocks. The room is guarded by 4 Eldritch Guardians. The Runed Tablet is actually a drop, and when playing on a server with the plugin which removes drops, can be removed by the plugin leaving the maze without a single key to open the boss room.''

that was taken from the wiki page for this mod. here is the link

My suggestion isnt to turn the plugin off as it would cause server lag but instead in /warp shop to have a chest or a sign that would trade u 1 runed tablet for 4 eldritch eye seeing as those are quite rare drop from the eldritch guardians. This isnt for the primordial pearls as you can get them by sieving the stone in the dimension but for the experience of the 4 different bosses that are randomly selected when the locked gates are unlocked. Either that or if its too complicated to have a staff trade the rune tablet for the 4 eldritch eyes.

happy reading ^.^ - Sv