Should the afktime be reduced to have your base wiped?

Should the Threshold be reduced to 20 days?

  • Yes

  • No

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Today the time for you to have your base wiped out of the server it 60 days without joining the server on average , then your claims are gone. But that clearly causes lag, a player that have not joined the server for 20 days usually went to a really long trip or just gave up. I think the option of buying a rank for not having your base wiped is a good one, but normal players, who make a pretty big base in 2 days, which is pretty easy since ENG2 community is really friendly to new players and can give you everything you need for it.

In conclusion, I think 20 days should be the new time limit for having a base claimed into the map, more than that the base should be declared unclaimed and the items could go to an auction or just be a message telling everybody where the claim was removed, because it is useless removing the claim and the base is still being there, having to be loaded every restart (which is taking 21 minutes the time I am writing this post).
Another solution is resetting the chunks where the claim was, turning them back to vanilla.