Sky Legends 2.0 JEI Cheat Mode Bug

**I am currently running**
- Modpack Name: Sky Legends 2.0
- Java version: Version 8 Update 271 (build 1.8.0_271-b09)
- Operating System: Windows

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**Issue Description**

So i have noticed that everytime Sky Legends 2.0 updates every player has Cheat Mode on in their JEI. Cheat mode makes you able to take anything you want out of JEI for yourself and or delete items you hover over it and click. Now, the taking items is not the problem as players without permissions get an error message and get their cheat mode turned off. The problem however is that the deleting aspect of JEI still works even without the permission for Cheat Mode making normal players lose their items if they want to drop something out of their inventory by clicking it out of their inventory. Due to this bug i lost 33 Titanium blocks(which i sadly do not have proof of owning).


Staff member
It seems that it might have me or another staff member that change this and it seems that it affected you. However or if I'm wrong it could just be a clientside thing but I had to change it.