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Suggestion: If you can add elyras to the shop because i went and found 30 ender ships and all of them were Looted
Suggestion V2: the ender zoo mod is necesarry for EnderIO because some of the components needs this mod to be crafted! What enderzoo is a mod that adds more Mobs into the game with veyr special drops used to craft other items!


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Thanks for the suggestion, We will look into this and see what is possible.


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Within further examination this mod has conflicts with other mods and thusfore why it hasnt been added to the modpack already, and elytra is a good idea as it would be fair to all players to get one into the shop.
Thanks For the suggestion


I don't think the elytra being added to the shop i needed. I've been exploring the end on mtimes for a while and found plenty of unlooted ships that I didnt take the elytra from. I just came on today and the first ship I found had an elytra. Also its very easy to get money on mtimes so adding it to the shop would just be giving away elytras.