Unable to join servers and play singleplayer on 2.5


I'm an old player and haven't been on for ages, so I don't know if this is a known bug or not (I tried looking for stuff on this, no luck).

I can start up the modpack (Modded Network 2.5) from Technic launcher, but when I try to join either of the two server, it just crashes my game and closes it. I tried looking at the crash reports, but I can't get anything of help from them.

If anyone has the same problem and has figured it out, I'd appreciate it. Any help from anyone else will also be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I tried to make a singleplayer world and it also crashed my game. I can't play with any other versions either...


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Modded Network 2.5 was Discontinued and is no longer Supported, which means, It no longer has a Server and the Modpack will never be getting any Updates or Bug Fixes.