Vanilla Server - Iron Golem Spawners reset/glitched

I logged off for about four hours, came back and none of my iron golem spawners were spawning. I right clicked one of them, and it became a level one spawner. All spawners I right clicked became level 1 spawners.

I asked about this on #help on the discord, and was told that Rune had reset all my spawners to level one for causing server lag.
Couldn't you have warned me first?
Couldn't you have left a note?
Couldn't you have paid me back?
Anyways, I'm really frustrated about that because that's all I've been doing in my spare time in the past few days.
phantom8553 said that the "warning" was Rune reducing entity limit across the server. I didn't know that was due to me. I thought that because of that, if I asked for MobStacker, my spawners would work optimally again. I was right. I upgraded my spawner after that to the maximum amount my storage system could handle. I finished, logged out, came back, and they were all level 1.

$4,480,000 is the price it would have taken to upgrade all of them - (4 * 12 spawners on the edges + 16 * 4 spawners on the main machine) * 4 upgrades each * 10,000 per upgrade)

What I'm asking for is my money back, but I'd also like to post this here so I can get clarification from Rune as to spawner limits, etc, so this doesn't happen again.